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What Happens After Booking a Session

For those who have never been to a therapy session, the thought of attending one may possibly be intimidating. Questions ranging from "how" to "what happens during a session" can be overwhelming.

"So what does happen when you book a session?"

So what does happen when you book a session?

Like any other health care service, preliminary steps require your details and the brief reasons as to why you are in need of a session are noted.

The first step

Upon attending the very first session, the most important step is working through a confidentiality agreement between you and your therapist because at Life Mechanicus. we seek to ensure that the issues you disclose remains confidential with your therapist.

The second step

When you are ready to detail your issues, the therapist basically observes and listens, looking out for elements that may be hindering your progress and quality of a productive life, and hence why we call our therapists, mechanics. Our life mechanics keenly atune their attention to the engineering processes of your thoughts, actions and factors that may be impeding your sucesses and productivity in life and life relationships.

The final leg of the first session

The last leg of the first session involves outlining details on a plan to work with you on resolving your issues. Because at Life Mechanicus, we celebrate individuality and in doing so, plans to improve the quality and productivity of your life are specifically tailored to you.

So are you up to making a change?

Life Mechanicus may just be what you are looking for.

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